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Ostrow Tumski – Cathedral Island, Wroclaw

On Wednesday evening after supper, I was able to walk with several of my colleagues through Cathedral Island where several of the first churches to be built in Wroclaw still stand.  The oldest of these churches date back to the 12th century.  It was amazing to stand next to and see the detailed architecture from such a long time ago.  The island sits between two branches of the Oder river in the oldest part of Wroclaw.

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Unfortunately, on this trip, I was not able to tour the inside of these churches, but hopefully I will get that chance sometime in the future.  I will highlight a couple of these churches on a different blog entry in the coming days.


St. Elizabeth’s Church – Wroclaw

IMG_1464Just across the street from the hotel I have been staying in is one of the oldest churches and tallest buildings in the Old Town area of Wroclaw.  The original church structure dates back to the 12th century.  However a lot of the church was destroyed by hail in 1529 and then suffered severe damage during WWII.  Most of what you see now in the architecture dates back to the 14-15th centuries.  A mysterious fire also caused damage to the church in 1979.
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A Unique Experience in Wroclaw

Last night, I was able to join with a couple of my colleagues on an excursion that I never would have expected to go on.  It seems that he is very much into hunting and is part of a hunting club called “Koło Łowieckie DANIEL Środa Śląska” [Hunting Club FALLOW-DEER Środa Śląska] that exists in Środa Śląska, a city not too far from Wroclaw.  So five of us, my US colleague Dave, my Poland colleague Bartlomiej, Bartlomiej’s Dad, his Dad’s friend, and myself, piled into a small SUV and headed out into the evening to find some game. Continue reading A Unique Experience in Wroclaw

A Brief Tour of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Wroclaw

On Sunday, after a brief recharge nap, I was able to explore a bit of Old Town Wroclaw. One of the sights to see is the Church of St. Mary Magdalene. It is a gothic church located near the central market square. The church was built in stages starting in 1330. There are two towers on the front of the church which were originally the home of two needle-shaped cupolas in 1481. There is also a bridge connecting the two towers called, “The Witch’s Bridge.” According to legend, the shadows seen on the bridge are the souls of girls who seduced men without wanting to be married because they were afraid of housekeeping.

Here is a view of the organ pipes that appear in the rear of the church above the entryway.

In this view, you can see down the side corridor of the church. On the right, you can see alcoves in the wall where memorials and some tombs for former church officials are located.