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I was just now sitting outside on the front porch of our house as the storm is gathering and coming this way.  I began to remember things; things that I don’t remember often, but when I do, they are comforting.

I remember:

  • Sitting in my grandparents’ backyard on evening like tonight.  There may or may not have been a storm brewing.
  • Seeing the “plastic glasses” that my Neenaw (that’s what we called her) had her iced tea in, flavored with those ReaLemon lemon juices.
  • Smelling the cedar plant that used to be located at the corner of Lee Street and Chapman St in Greensboro, mixed with the smells of the barbecue being smoked at the Stamey’s nearby.
  • I don’t like cigarettes, but there is a comfort in the sweet tobacco smell of the cigarettes my grandparents used to smoke.  There was something about that scent when we were outside.  If you’d been there, you’d understand.
  • Feeling the grass under my feet, even though I didn’t run around bare-footed a lot.
  • The sounds of the aluminum frame chairs (the ones that didn’t fold) with the strapping for the seats.  There is a sound that they made when you moved them as they hit each other, or scraped against the grass.
  • The huge oak tree that was in the back yard that shaded us and would rustle when the wind was blowing…like it is doing right now outside.

It was quiet outside except for the occasional car that would drive by or the dog barking in the background.  As I closed my eyes and felt the air outside, these things started to come back to me.

It was a nice memory.