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Preparing for a business trip

Soon, I will be taking my first overseas business trip.  I am excited about it but also a little nervous…I have never been this far away from my family.

When we took our vacation earlier this year to Disney World, I had many questions from my three-year-old about the who, what where, why, and WHEN.  I decided it might be a good thing to make a little calendar for her to track when we would be leaving.  She loves stickers, and every day she was excited to put a new sticker marking off one more day before we left. 

As I get closer to my business trip, I thought she would have fun doing the same.  Not only to track before I leave but also the days I am gone so she knows when I will come back.  I do plan to keep in touch with the girls through video cameras on the computer at home, which I hope will alleviate any anxiety (on both sides of the Atlantic). 

I am looking forward to the trip and also hopefully teaching her about time and calendars in the process.  I will, of course, be posting about my trip as I am looking forward to sharing my experiences in Poland.