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St. Elizabeth’s Church – Wroclaw

IMG_1464Just across the street from the hotel I have been staying in is one of the oldest churches and tallest buildings in the Old Town area of Wroclaw.  The original church structure dates back to the 12th century.  However a lot of the church was destroyed by hail in 1529 and then suffered severe damage during WWII.  Most of what you see now in the architecture dates back to the 14-15th centuries.  A mysterious fire also caused damage to the church in 1979.
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The Gnomes of Wroclaw

As my adventures continue in Poland, I have discovered a little tourist treat that has a bit of history.  Wroclaw has gnomes!  These little guys are spread all over the city engaged in various activities.  While I have not found them all, there are said to be from 50 to 180 of these little guys around different parts of the city. Continue reading The Gnomes of Wroclaw