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Daily Prompt – Random Image Thoughts

Today, I could use a good diversion for a bit, so I thought I would take the challenge of the Daily Prompt.

Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

When I read the prompt, I picked up my phone and Googled the random word “barefoot.”  Here is the image that showed in the 11th position.

These are probably the strangest shoes I have ever seen.  While it seems that they are real, I have never seen them.  I can only imagine what people might think if they saw someone wearing these shoes.  I am not sure I have the personality to pull off wearing these shoes out in public.

I cannot imagine that these shoes are very comfortable.  It doesn’t seem like the toes are open so that you could put your own toes in as if it were some kind of “foot glove.”  I would think that if your toes were behind the “fake” toes that it would make it difficult to walk with the extra length of the “fake” toes out front.  It would seem that the extra length would drag as you pulled your foot forward to take the next step.

These shoes seem strange, but I am sure someone would like to have them.


Baby’s wrath

Tonight, Morgan (our 3-year-old) and Emmelyn (our 1-year-old) were watching mommy unpack a package that came in the mail.  Emmelyn was beginning to get irritated that she could not play with the new items that arrived…they were some clothes.  Morgan was standing by watching what mommy was doing and apparently stepped a little close to Emmelyn.  Emmelyn, seated, screamed and pushed at Morgan, who was standing to get her away because apparently, she was too close.

Daddy’s words come back

Ok, so tonight’s dinner was going like normal.  The conversation goes something like this:

Emmelyn:  Starts fussing.
Morgan:  “Emmelyn! We don’t need any of that mess.”
Daddy: “Morgan! We don’t need any of that mess.”
Morgan (to Daddy): “Don’t worry about what I am doing and eat your food.”

Now, at this point, Mommy is trying desperately to stifle laughter.  Christy, Savannah’s nurse, is also trying to keep from breaking up over the comment.  I muster all the authority I can:

(To Morgan):  “You don’t ever talk to me like that.”

I am trying my best to keep from looking at Mommy or Christy so as to keep my composure.  Unfortunately, Mommy let a chuckle slip, which caused me to lose all credibility.  I couldn’t help it…I laughed.