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Christmas Ornaments

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Remembering the Empty Chair

In a few minutes, we will be having the last of our Christmas visitors for gift exchange and holiday eats.  Everyone will sit and have great food (that my wife does a wonderful job of creating) as well as treats from some of our visitors.  We will talk about times past, see what the kids are doing now, how much they have grown, and plans for the new year.

IMG_2829This year, it will be a little different than normal.  This year, we have an empty chair in the room.  Dad sat here and ate his chocolates that he ate every year.  He was quiet and always enjoyed watching the grand kids open their gifts.

I have made it through almost the whole day without thinking too much about him being gone…not that I was trying to forget Dad, but not wanting to bring the spirits down.   But I think as we approach time when he would have been here, it is appropriate to remember him.

So, Dad, as we enjoy our treats and with every taste of chocolate, we will remember you…and missing you.