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Moving Day!!!!

In an effort to begin improving the posting experience, I have now moved my blog to my own place.

If you have been following my blog here, please visit my new site by clicking the link above and follow my new site by clicking on the “Subscribe” button under the “Follow My Blog” section on the left sidebar.

Please tell your friends to join and follow too!

I hope you enjoy the new site as I try to improve my photography and learn new techniques.


Customer Service That is not on “Target”

I have been waiting for a while to be able to get an XBox One system. Last Friday (December 26), I finally got a gift that allowed me to purchase one. I have been searching the ads online and Craigslist trying to get a good deal without breaking the bank.

On Friday night, I finally found a deal at Target so I checked the website which showed that my local store in High Point had it in stock. I drove over only to find they were not in stock. The associate there called to the closest Greensboro store in Bridford Parkway and asked them to hold the only one left. I immediately drove over to get my prize.

Now here is where the problem begins.  The online listing showed that the system comes with a $50 gift card.  It was not clearly marked that you have to order this online in order to get the $50 credit.  The electronics associate at the Bridford store takes me up to the “Customer Service” desk so that they can handle this sale.  Since it was not showing on the register, he didn’t feel that he was able to override the register to make this sale complete.

I stood in line waiting for my turn.  I indicated that I was trying to take advantage of the $50 gift card promotion and then I was told that it was only available for online purchases.  OK, fine, they showed me the fine print where it shows the policy on the purchase.  Fine…I’ll log on with my phone and you can process it right here for in-store pickup.

Here is where it really goes sideways.  The website tells me that the item is not available at the store!  So, now I am in a catch-22 situation.  I have to buy it online, your website won’t let me buy it online, and you have one in hand right here, and I have the means to buy the item!  What’s wrong with this picture?  The manager tries to pass off a 10% discount on the system ($35.00) as a viable substitute for the $50 gift card!

After explaining to the manager the situation, she still would not make it right and provide the $50 gift card.

I walked out of the store after expressing my distaste for the shopping experience and drove across the street to Best Buy near Stanley Road.  Alan was able to quickly provide the same deal and instead of having to wait for a gift card to be emailed to me, I walked out of the store with the gift card in hand.  Target should take a lesson from Best Buy in how to create a positive shopping experience for their customers.

Man Flies Drone Through Fireworks… And The Video Is Amazing

I have heard many people post about the coming “[crappy] fireworks pictures” to social media from July 4th. However, the shots this guy posts from “inside” the fireworks display are nothing short of amazing.

Kris Sanchez

A man decided to take his DJI Phantom 2 drone and GoPro Hero 3 Silver camera right through the middle of some fireworks and what he captured was magical. Luckily, his drone wasn’t shot down by an exploding firework. Tweet me @KrisSanchez with anything cool! Watch the video below:

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New Year – New Changes

I have decided that I might like a change to the blog.  Over the next few days, I will be “trying on” some new blog themes to see what I might like.  I hope to have a new look by the new year, but I may just see the same thing if I can’t find a suitable theme.  So, no, I am not crazy (not really, anyway) but wanted to try some new things.

If you have suggestions for a theme, or like one that you see me trying on, please let me know in the comments.

Thanks for following!

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