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Lunar Eclipse – October 2014: “Blood Moon”

So, I was able to get up this morning and have Morgan join me to see the lunar eclipse.  I wasn’t sure that I would be able to see it when I first got up because of cloud cover, but after 15-20 minutes, it cleared up enough to see the start.  Morgan and I talked about how the eclipse works and why the shadow happens.  I had fun trying to teach her how it happens.

Hummingbird Bistro Grand Opening!

This afternoon, I thought it would be fun to help the girls set up a hummingbird feeder.  We have planted a cardinal flower, which is supposed to attract hummingbirds, but so far we have had no customers.  So, I thought we would add a new item to the menu.

I took Morgan and Emmelyn out to Lowe’s to get a little feeder, and we came home to set it up.  To begin, we started to create our nectar.  I will include the very simple recipe at the bottom of this post.

IMG_0951IMG_0950Each of the girls had a hand in mixing the solution and also helped to
carefully pour it into the feeder when it was done.  While cooling, I went out to the shed and picked up one of our Shepherd’s Hooks to hang the feeder on outside our window on the side of the house.
IMG_0958Now we just get to wait and see if we get any interested birds.

Nectar Recipe:

1 part sugar
4 parts water
Bring to a boil for 1-2 minutes and let cool.

It used to be customary to use red food coloring in the solution to help attract the hummingbirds.  I have read in some places that the red dye can cause mouth sores to form in the hummingbirds, which is obviously not the intended outcome.  We chose a red feeder so that we wouldn’t have to add food coloring to the solution.  For more detailed information you can check out this article about how to care for the feeder and making the nectar solution.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures


Doc McStuffins for Halloween

Tonight, we dressed the girls up in different characters.  Savannah was Ariel, The Little Mermaid, Emmelyn was in a little Halloween outfit, and Morgan was dressed up as Doc McStuffins, her favorite character…EVER!

We went to church this evening for the fall festival so they could play some games and get some candy.  We got home and ate some hotdogs and then Morgan and Emmelyn went to the playroom for a bit.  After a few minutes, we heard Morgan singing.  I didn’t know I was going to get all this.  NOTE: To get the full effect, you need to watch the video to the end!  The look on Morgan’s face at the end is priceless.

Baby’s wrath

Tonight, Morgan (our 3-year-old) and Emmelyn (our 1-year-old) were watching mommy unpack a package that came in the mail.  Emmelyn was beginning to get irritated that she could not play with the new items that arrived…they were some clothes.  Morgan was standing by watching what mommy was doing and apparently stepped a little close to Emmelyn.  Emmelyn, seated, screamed and pushed at Morgan, who was standing to get her away because apparently, she was too close.

Preparing for a business trip

Soon, I will be taking my first overseas business trip.  I am excited about it but also a little nervous…I have never been this far away from my family.

When we took our vacation earlier this year to Disney World, I had many questions from my three-year-old about the who, what where, why, and WHEN.  I decided it might be a good thing to make a little calendar for her to track when we would be leaving.  She loves stickers, and every day she was excited to put a new sticker marking off one more day before we left. 

As I get closer to my business trip, I thought she would have fun doing the same.  Not only to track before I leave but also the days I am gone so she knows when I will come back.  I do plan to keep in touch with the girls through video cameras on the computer at home, which I hope will alleviate any anxiety (on both sides of the Atlantic). 

I am looking forward to the trip and also hopefully teaching her about time and calendars in the process.  I will, of course, be posting about my trip as I am looking forward to sharing my experiences in Poland.

Diversion tactics

I walk into the girls’ bedroom and Morgan, again, has one of Emmelyn’s toys.

Daddy:  “Morgan, why do you consistently have one of Emmelyn’s toys?”
Morgan (to Mommy):  “Is the my ‘Hello, Kitty!’ skirt?  I like ‘Hello, Kitty!'”

Who knew a small child could be a master of this tactic?

Daddy’s words come back

Ok, so tonight’s dinner was going like normal.  The conversation goes something like this:

Emmelyn:  Starts fussing.
Morgan:  “Emmelyn! We don’t need any of that mess.”
Daddy: “Morgan! We don’t need any of that mess.”
Morgan (to Daddy): “Don’t worry about what I am doing and eat your food.”

Now, at this point, Mommy is trying desperately to stifle laughter.  Christy, Savannah’s nurse, is also trying to keep from breaking up over the comment.  I muster all the authority I can:

(To Morgan):  “You don’t ever talk to me like that.”

I am trying my best to keep from looking at Mommy or Christy so as to keep my composure.  Unfortunately, Mommy let a chuckle slip, which caused me to lose all credibility.  I couldn’t help it…I laughed.