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Winter Seagulls in the City

Seagulls at Oak Hollow Lake Marina in High Point, NC.


High Point Fire Station 10

Morgan and Emmelyn checking out the firefighter cabin of Engine 10.

Today, we took the girls to visit our local Fire Station.  We got to tour the entire house and get a glimpse into the life of the firefighters that work there.  Thankfully, they did not get a call while we were there, though I am sure it would have been an awesome sight to see these guys throw on their gear and head out to do what they do best…save lives.

Morgan and Emmelyn got to climb inside of Engine 10 to see what it is like inside.  Fireman Raymond Blue provided information about the trucks they use at the station and how some of the components of the fire truck work.  He even took the time to demonstrate the fire suit that the firemen wear when they go on a call.  He told us that in academy, they time gearing up down to under a minute.  I’m not sure he met that mark, but since it wasn’t an emergency, I think we can cut him a break!

We are very grateful for the time that Captain Ron Holbrook and Fireman Blue took to give us the tour.  We would also like to thank them for the very important work they do to keep us safe.  It takes a very special type of person to run towards danger to get someone else out and for that, the firemen of Station 10 in High Point, as well as every other firefighter, have our respect.

We Are Monsters – High Point Community Theatre

Today, I had the privilege to visit the High Point Community Theatre as they presented “We Are Monsters” at Centennial Station in High Point, NC.  This is billed as “A New Children’s Musical” where kids ranging in age from six to 12 perform.  If you have not yet seen this presentation, they have one more show on Sunday, June 29, 2014.  You can get additional information from the High Point Community Theatre website or from their flyer.  Below are some pictures I took while watching the show this afternoon.  I had fun watching the performance, and it seems that these kids really enjoyed acting.  They put on a great show.