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Moving Day!!!!

In an effort to begin improving the posting experience, I have now moved my blog to my own place.

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I hope you enjoy the new site as I try to improve my photography and learn new techniques.


CY365: Photograph Your 365

Anniversary / Celebration / Years

Well, apparently it is the 4th birthday of CY365.  It seems like the prompt is asking for a retrospective of photos from the past year’s CY365 posts.  Since I have not participated but for a few days, I thought I would just post a picture of “family” since a majority of my photos from this project will be on or about my family.


CY365: Photograph Where I Stand


Today, as you go about your day, take a second to pause what you are doing, look down and include yourself in the frame as you snap your photo, so that you too can remember where you were, what you were doing and what moved you enough to click on March 3rd, 2015.

I was thinking about what and where I might capture myself standing.  So finally, I decided to try a multiple exposure shot just inside the back door where I live.WhereIStand_4x6

CY365: Photograph Vignettes

Create A Collage

A vignette can be any collection of items that have special meaning or significance to us or a a loved one.  Today, I have created a photo of some tools that I have that my Dad used when he was able to work.  As a young boy, I used to always watch in awe as he would use these tools to draw these very detailed images that would then be used to build something.

Drafting tools that my dad used when he was able to work.
Drafting tools that my dad used when he was able to work.

CY365: Photograph My Heritage – Antique Dresser

Today, I am attempting one of a couple of new photo projects.  I have discovered Capture Your 365 from Katrina Kennedy.  I found this from a discussion in the All Things Photography group on Facebook that I have recently joined.  Every day, you can receive a new idea for a photograph.  The topic for today:

The Treasures We Leave

What are the valued objects and qualities you will leave behind? What do they mean to you? How will your traditions and history carry on? Put yourself in front of the lens today and show us what has been passed to you or what you plan to pass on to others.

The photo is a close up photo of an antique dresser that belonged to my grandmother.  The dresser has been through many years and one of the characteristic things about this dresser is the very loud “squeak” that is made when the drawers open and close.  This dresser has help many mementos over the years but is also an anchor to my childhood when I used to spend much time at my grandparents’ house near the Coliseum in Greensboro, NC.  Just opening the drawers and inhaling the aroma still evokes many memories from that time.  I hope to pass this along to one of my daughters as they grow up and start their own families.

Canon T3i, ISO 100, f/3.5, 2 seconds, 50mm lens

Customer Service That is not on “Target”

I have been waiting for a while to be able to get an XBox One system. Last Friday (December 26), I finally got a gift that allowed me to purchase one. I have been searching the ads online and Craigslist trying to get a good deal without breaking the bank.

On Friday night, I finally found a deal at Target so I checked the website which showed that my local store in High Point had it in stock. I drove over only to find they were not in stock. The associate there called to the closest Greensboro store in Bridford Parkway and asked them to hold the only one left. I immediately drove over to get my prize.

Now here is where the problem begins.  The online listing showed that the system comes with a $50 gift card.  It was not clearly marked that you have to order this online in order to get the $50 credit.  The electronics associate at the Bridford store takes me up to the “Customer Service” desk so that they can handle this sale.  Since it was not showing on the register, he didn’t feel that he was able to override the register to make this sale complete.

I stood in line waiting for my turn.  I indicated that I was trying to take advantage of the $50 gift card promotion and then I was told that it was only available for online purchases.  OK, fine, they showed me the fine print where it shows the policy on the purchase.  Fine…I’ll log on with my phone and you can process it right here for in-store pickup.

Here is where it really goes sideways.  The website tells me that the item is not available at the store!  So, now I am in a catch-22 situation.  I have to buy it online, your website won’t let me buy it online, and you have one in hand right here, and I have the means to buy the item!  What’s wrong with this picture?  The manager tries to pass off a 10% discount on the system ($35.00) as a viable substitute for the $50 gift card!

After explaining to the manager the situation, she still would not make it right and provide the $50 gift card.

I walked out of the store after expressing my distaste for the shopping experience and drove across the street to Best Buy near Stanley Road.  Alan was able to quickly provide the same deal and instead of having to wait for a gift card to be emailed to me, I walked out of the store with the gift card in hand.  Target should take a lesson from Best Buy in how to create a positive shopping experience for their customers.

Special Needs Children: A Parent’s View on Restraining a Child

There has recently been a news story reported in several places regarding a six-year-old student being handcuffed in a Georgia school.  I have read several comments by numerous people about their views as well as the mother’s concerns as reported in the article.

First of all, I want to say that I do not know this child or the extent of his special needs or diagnosis.  I don’t even know what actually happened at the school to require the use of handcuffs on this child, other than what has been reported.  My views come from my own experiences as a parent of my own special needs child. Continue reading Special Needs Children: A Parent’s View on Restraining a Child

Thanksgiving Desserts

Eleven years ago, my then-girlfriend made me a Chocolate Meringue Pie like what you see below.  It was this pie that sealed the deal and the following May I made it official (we got married).  Today she still uses the same recipe and makes the most mouth-watering desserts from scratch.  Below are two of the desserts that will be enjoyed tomorrow during our Thanksgiving meal.