His Fight is Over

Tonight, my father went home to be with his earthly father, mother, and his Heavenly Father.  After a 30-year fight with Parkinson’s Disease, he is no longer in any pain and we can rest knowing that he has no more problems being able to speak or move.

He left peacefully this evening at about 10:30 in the presence of his wife of 42 years.  He was a wonderful, devoted, and caring husband and father.

We will miss you, Dad, but we will see you soon.  Give hugs to Neenaw, Papaw, and Granny for us.



9 thoughts on “His Fight is Over”

  1. I am sorry to hear of your family’s loss. From all you’ve written, he leaves you all a wonderful and godly legacy. I’ll be praying as you prepare for Friday…may you sense the “Father of compassion and the God of all comfort” in your life.


  2. I had admired your family’s dealings with your Dad and am so sorry for your loss. I know quite a few people with Parkinson’s and all would agree that he deserves the peace now. I hope you all find that same peace knowing you did all you could supporting and loving him.


    1. Thank you for these words. He will be greatly missed but it was a relief that he was able to finally be rid of this horrible disease. His service is on Friday and I hope to be able to stand and speak in honor of him. Whether I do or don’t, I will be posting the words I wrote for the occasion at the time of the service on Friday.


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