St. Elizabeth’s Church – Wroclaw

IMG_1464Just across the street from the hotel I have been staying in is one of the oldest churches and tallest buildings in the Old Town area of Wroclaw.  The original church structure dates back to the 12th century.  However a lot of the church was destroyed by hail in 1529 and then suffered severe damage during WWII.  Most of what you see now in the architecture dates back to the 14-15th centuries.  A mysterious fire also caused damage to the church in 1979.

The church is actually open for visitors to climb the tower to see amazing views of the surrounding city.  For 5 zloty (~$1.50 USD at the time of this writing), you can have the experience of vertigo, claustrophobia, and a lack of oxygen as you climb the approximately 300 winding steps to the top of the tower.  I say that somewhat in jest, but it is not for a person with inner ear or issues with tight spaces.  At one point, I nearly gave up and came back down.

I had one of my colleagues take a picture of me as I was descending the tower so that you can see the amount of space there is.
As you can see the stairs below and the “arms-length” from the outside wall to the tiny “handrail” that has been fashioned to the inside of this structure.  If people need to pass each other on the way up or down, one person must hug the wall to allow the other to pass.

Below are some photos that I took from the observation platform at the top of the tower.

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