Diversion tactics

I walk into the girls’ bedroom and Morgan, again, has one of Emmelyn’s toys.

Daddy:  “Morgan, why do you consistently have one of Emmelyn’s toys?”
Morgan (to Mommy):  “Is the my ‘Hello, Kitty!’ skirt?  I like ‘Hello, Kitty!'”

Who knew a small child could be a master of this tactic?


2 thoughts on “Diversion tactics”

  1. Three little girls – a lucky man! I’m a sucker for them and love my five year old granddaughter Alicia to bits (but also my two year old grandson Ewan). It’s a great idea to record the ‘pearls’ on a blog. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my ‘Sky picture haiku’. I’ve recently discovered haiku thanks to ‘fivereflections’ blog and some of my photos just seem to plead for one. grumpytyke.


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